Is God Fake News?

“Fake news” has come to be a phrase on the hot stove of our culture in the last year. It has grown to be used in any scenario or conversation that might be considered suspect, shady or downright false. For many of us, religion, church and God have always fallen under those categories. There is a lot we don’t understand, can’t wrap our heads around and so much more that just seems like fairytale bedtime stories we tell ourselves to feel better. In short, God has become a topic of “fake news” as we grow older, become educated, and experience real life. 

In this new message series “Is God Fake News” we aim to investigate if God really is “fake news”. Is there any ounce of truth to this whole Jesus guy? If there is a God, is he really out to get us if we don’t fall in line? These types of questions and more will be discussed and we invite you to bring friends, family and co-workers to investigate with us. You just might be surprised by what you find.


Fake Gods

The GOD of Jesus

Problem of Evil

Real God

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